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If you have any questions or queries about how we operate feel free to call us on 01604 882235 or drop us an email with the subject line Scrap My Car Northampton to You can also see how it works here. However, for common questions we’re asked frequently, we have answered below…

Will it cost me anything to get a quote?

No, all our quotations are provided with no obligation and free of charge

How much will I receive for my scrap vehicle?

The price paid for scrap cars depends on the value of scrap metal. This is a worldwide commodity and fluctuates daily. However all quotes are valid for 7 days for your convenience. Email with the subject line Scrap My Car Northampton for more information.

How do I save my quote?

For your convenience, we will email your scrap car valuation when you request a quote. Request a quote by emailing us today with the subject line Scrap My Car Northampton. We will automatically save this quote for you for 7 days. All you need to do to accept the quote at a later date is follow the instruction provided in the email.  Email with the subject line Scrap My Car Northampton for more information.

What happens after I have accepted quotation?

Once you’ve accepted our quote, you will be asked to confirm your details and payment method and arrange a suitable date and time for collection.  Get in touch or email with the subject line Scrap My Car Northampton for more information.

What if I change my mind after I have accepted your quote?

Please tell us as soon as possible if after accepting the quote you decide that you don’t want us to collect your vehicle. However, if you do not tell us that you have changed your mind and we send a truck to collect your vehicle, you may be charged for a wasted journey.

Does my car need to be in an accessible location for it to be collected?

Yes. Your car needs to be safely accessed by a standard recovery vehicle. The ground must be solid enough to allow access by the recovery vehicle and close enough to allow the car to either be driven or moved using a winch. For more specific questions about accesibility please email with the subject Scrap My Car Northampton.

Do I have to be present at the time of collection if I scrap my car Northampton?

No, we appreciate that you may be busy elsewhere, so we can make arrangements for you to leave the keys and documents somewhere convenient.  Email with the subject line Scrap My Car Northampton for more information.

Can I arrange to deliver my car ?

Yes. After accepting your quote, simply select one of our recycling centres to drop off your car. Print out and take your quote acceptance with you.

How long after I have accepted your quote will it be until you collect my car?

We will usually collect your car within 1 business days of you accepting our quote. When we receive your accepted quote, we will telephone you to confirm the details and make an appointment to collect your car.  Email with the subject line Scrap My Car Northampton for more information.

Do you collect on weekends?

We will do our best to collect at a convenient time to you from Monday to Sunday, and can make arrangements to collect without you being present. Email with the subject Scrap My Car Northampton for more information.

Will I get a receipt when you collect my car?

Yes. The driver will give you a receipt for your car when it is collected. The receipt will contain the following information: Your name, the collection address and your contact phone number, the vehicle registration number and make/model details, our name, address and contact details, the agreed value for the car and the method of payment, and any special conditions (eg. if owner not present at collection, location of keys, parts missing).

Do I just email saying scrap my car Northampton?

You can drop us an email saying “Scrap my car Northampton”, fill out or a form or ring us on 01604 882235 to request a quote!

How and when will I be paid for my car?

Your preferred payment method and details will be taken when we contact you to arrange the collection of your scrap car. Payments will be made by bank transfer (BACS) or cash, and will be paid into your account 2 working days from collection. If you have notified us that cheque is your preferred payment method, we will arrange for this to be given to you by the driver at the time of collection.

Do I need to provide the keys for my car?

No, but it does help us to know whether or not the keys are available as it is more difficult to remove a vehicle without keys.

Does my vehicle need to have a valid insurance policy and MOT?

No. But you should not leave or drive your car on the public highway without valid insurance and MOT; instead you should arrange for your car to be collected.

Does my car have to be free from damage?

No, vehicle condition will not affect your quote. However, if there is major damage please let us know, as this may affect what equipment we will need to collect your scrap car.

What if my vehicle is missing any parts?

If major parts are removed from your car this may reduce the value. If parts have been removed you need to tell us at the time we call to confirm your quote and collection details. If when we come to collect your car parts are missing and you haven’t told us the driver may refuse collection. An example of some major parts include the engine, gearbox, starter motor, alternator, exhaust catalyst, front & rear lights, wheels, and body panels.

Do you accept vans and commercial vehicles?

Yes, up to 3.5 tonnes. Please contact us for a quote for larger vehicles.

Do you accept motorcycles?

We may be able to accept motorcycles in some areas, but we cannot provide online quotations for motorcycles. If you wish us to quote for your scrap motorcycle please click here to contact us.

How do I keep my personalised registration number?

If you have a personalised/private registration number that you want to keep, you can transfer it to another vehicle, or place it on retention, using the V314 form from the DVLA. You will need to do this before we collect your car.

How do I reclaim my unused road tax?

If there is still road tax on your car, you can reclaim any unused complete months, as long as you are the registered keeper of the vehicle. To do this you can complete the DVLA form V14 and return the form and tax disc to DVLA. We would be happy to assist you with this, please drop us an email with the subject line Scrap My Car Northampton to

Will my car be scrapped after collection?

Most cars that we collect for our customers will be scrapped in accordance with EU directive, however if the car is legally roadworthy it may be put to reuse through responsible industry partners to mimimise the environmental impact. Scrap my Car Northampton.

Do I need to contact DVLA when I scrap my car?

No, for your convenience we take care of it for you.

My car is a non runner will you buy it?


My car is a ‘write-off’ will you buy it?


My car is damaged will you buy it?


My car is an Import / LHD will you buy it?

Yes. We buy any car regardless of condition.

I want a scrap car removed, how much does it cost?

Nothing it’s FREE! You no longer have to worry about collection prices when you ‘scrap my car northampton’ – we pay for the collection charge so you don’t have to and we often give you a cash offer for the car too.

What does ‘subject to viewing’ mean?

Valuations issued by our staff and valutation direct from our website are subject to viewing the car. Quotes should not be construed as a contract. The condition of your vehicle must be confirmed by a member of our valuation team prior to purchase. In some cases, this may mean that we can increase the offer we originally made; however in some circumstances, it may be necessary for us to reduce the valuation.

I have accepted the quote, how long will it take for someone to collect my car?

We aim to have your vehicle collected within 5 working days of your accecpted offer. We can arrange collection of the car to a time and date to suit you, please call us on 01604 882235 to arrange this.

Should I not just sell my car privately?

When you sell your car privately it can be very time consuming, you can receive calls at unsociable hours, many of whom are time-wasters offering you ludicrous prices. Dealing with us is hassle free, quick and we won’t charge you for any quotes or payment. We will pick the car up for free and even arrange a time and date to suit you! We help you every step of the way.

Can I call for a quote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Yes you can call us on 01604 882235, alternatively you can email us on with the subject Scrap My Car Northampton and the make, model and registration of your car.

I am a existing customer and I was very happy with the service, how do I recommend a friend?

Simply tell your friend our website name and give them our telephone number which is 01604 882235. We offer discounts for recommendations. Please ask them to either drop us an email saying “Scrap my car Northampton”, fill out a form or ring us on 01604 882235 to request a quote.

Can I comment on the service received?

Yes, you can. We appreciate honest feedback from our customers. This helps us understand what we are doing right and wrong, and how to improve our services. Tell us what you think.

Scrap my car Northampton.

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